Weight Loss

Want to lose weight?

We see many patients who have reached the end of the line with yo-yo dieting and failed exercise regimes. Most, if not all, have tried numerous weight loss techniques only to put the weight on again afterwards.

Excess weight is not healthy, so we offer solutions that work. We offer a fresher, holistic approach to losing weight through surgery, ensuring comprehensive aftercare and support to help our patients succeed in their goals for the long term.

Consultant Surgeon Professor Marcus Reddy offers a full range of weight loss procedures – both surgical and non-surgical, to suit our patients’ differing BMI and medical needs.

Achieving sustainable weight loss offers patients a real chance to change their lives and embrace a healthier life.

Which Bariatric Surgery Procedure?

Weight loss surgery is a big, life changing decision which should never be taken lightly. However, if you are unhealthily overweight or obese, and have tried other means of losing weight, then it may be time to consider bariatric surgery. Selecting the right obesity surgery depends on a range of factors, including:

  • the individual patient’s lifestyle
  • medical requirements (e.g. weight-related health issues as well as non-weight related)
  • food issues/addictions
  • BMI (body mass index)

Ongoing Support

We believe that the procedure is only the beginning of our patients’ weight loss journey.

Success demands their dedication to changing diet and lifestyle, but we help every step of the way with comprehensive aftercare, dietitian support and counselling.

It’s a partnership that leads to fantastic results for our patients.  Do look at some of their testimonials to see what they have achieved.

Our approach

Being overweight can put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes and some cancers. It can also have an effect on your self-confidence and general well being. We offer a fresher, holistic approach to losing weight through a tailor-made combination of surgical or non-surgical procedures together with dietary advice, menu planning and comprehensive ongoing support.

We know losing weight can be difficult through diet and exercise alone, but we can help you. Bariatric surgery is a proven way of achieving significant, long-lasting weight loss which together with lifestyle and diet changes, can help protect you against these health problems and also help you get back that positive feeling and self confidence to your life. Our aim is to give you the best chance possible to help you achieve your weight loss goals in order for you to achieve a fulfilling and healthier life.

We aspire to provide you with the care and attention you deserve so that you can feel reassured in the hands of one the UK’s top weight loss surgeons. Prof Marcus Reddy is a highly renowned, respected and established bariatric surgeons.

We are experienced in procedures including:

  • Weight loss surgery (gastric band, sleeve, bypass)
  • Non-surgical weight loss (gastric balloon)

We know that deciding to have surgery can be a difficult decision but we pride ourselves in holding your hand and guiding you through it all from the moment you pick up the phone to make an inquiry to after you’ve had surgery and beyond.

Comprehensive Aftercare

An obesity surgery procedure is only the beginning of your journey.

Our goal is to help you take back control of your weight, and keep it that way! Our team of experts know that to succeed in healthy, sustainable weight loss demands hard work and dedication on behalf of the patient. Having a weight loss procedure helps by managing appetite and capacity for food. However, it becomes important to make the right food choices, manage portions and become more active.

Our team of dietitians, nurses and counsellors are there to help. They’ll give plenty of great advice. Some of them have even had weight loss procedures themselves, so understand completely how you feel and can give some great tips to get you going.

Don’t choose a weight loss surgery provider based on price and location. If you are serious about losing weight, make sure you choose a team who can support you every step of the way.