Gastric Sleeve/Bypass Pouch Revision

Gastric sleeve/bypass pouch revision is a surgical procedure that is performed to modify a previous gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. This may be done to adjust the rate of weight loss, or to correct complications from the initial surgery, such as weight regain, dumping syndrome, or nutritional deficiencies.

Who is gastric sleeve or bypass pouch revision for?

There are 2 mai reasons why you might want to have your gastric sleeve or bypass pouch revised:

  • Disappointing weight loss: If you have not lost a significant amount of weight after your initial surgery, or if you have regained weight, you may require revision surgery to adjust the pouch.
  • Complications: Gastric sleeve and bypass surgery can sometimes lead to complications, such as dumping syndrome, nutritional deficiencies, or ulcers. If you are experiencing any of these complications, you may require pouch revision surgery.

Gastric sleeve/bypass pouch revision is a major surgery that should only be performed after careful consideration of the risks and benefits. The risks of revision surgery are similar to the risks of the initial surgery e.g. bleeding, infection, and complications related to anaesthetic. Revision surgery risks and complications will be explained in full prior to your procedure.

You will also be given important guidelines about lifestyle changes after revision surgery. Even though the surgery will be modified, you will still need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to succeed in your weight loss goals.

Revision surgery is a serious surgery, but it can be a good option for people who are experiencing disappointing results or complications from their initial surgery.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about gastric sleeve/bypass pouch revision:

Pouch revision consultation

If you are considering gastric sleeve/bypass pouch revision, contact us for a weight loss consultation. Our team can explain more about the procedure, together with the risks and benefits.

Professor Marcus Reddy carries out pouch revision surgery in a series of hospitals in London and the South East,