Professor Marcus Reddy’s patients have lost many, many stone with weight loss procedures. They are real people, who had battled with their weight for years, suffering health problems as well as confidence and self-esteem issues.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, then reading their stories can be both inspiring and comforting.

They’ll all tell you that you have to work at weight loss surgery, having a procedure is the beginning not the end of the journey and you need to follow the advice you are given in order to see the benefits of weight loss.

However, our team of weight loss experts are here to support with plenty of advice when you need it.

Tina - before and afterI have now lost  8 stones and 5 pounds.

Wonderful….it is the best thing I ever did and I feel fabulous. Healthier and more energetic than I did 30 years ago!! I still love it when people do not recognise me!


Gastric Sleeve... one year on

Claire gastric sleeveI underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and since losing seven stone, I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done.  I feel healthy and unbelievably happier since losing the weight.

I cannot describe how good I feel especially when friends comment on how well I have done.  I would go through all that again in an instant to continue feeling this good.  I also used to say to people I cheated and had surgery but it is not cheating.  It is still hard work due to the effort and experience you go through but I can honestly say that I have no regrets at all!

The best decision I made by far!


Gastric Sleeve

angela_gastric_bypassI write to formally thank Mr Marcus Reddy and his bariatric team for their outstanding work as well as their kindness, care and compassion that they showed me.

I was always treated as an individual and my thoughts, feelings were respected at all times and most importantly my pre and post-operative expectations were managed extremely well. The gastric bypass gave me a second chance at living a healthier and happier life.

I lost 10 stone in 10 months (half my body weight) and was fully supported through the whole process.

This procedure enabled me to take control of my life again and instead of just barely existing in this world I am living life to its fullest and more importantly my adorable children have their mummy back and my lovely husband has his wife too.


Gastric Bypass

I just wanted to write and thank you for changing my life. You performed bariatric surgery on me and since then I have felt like a new person.

I am 64 and I was beginning to think my useful life was over.  I couldn’t walk very far and used a stick due to arthritis in my knee.  I was diabetic and took statins, painkillers for the arthritis and anti inflammatory tablets.  I was starting to feel like I rattled.

I have now lost just over 3 stone, don’t take any more painkillers, statins or diabetic tablets and feel so well I could conquer the world.  The arthritis is a lot better and I am just starting on an exercise programme recommended by my GP.

I really can’t thank you and your team enough as I can now look forward to a hopefully long and enjoyable retirement.


Bariatric Surgery

I could not have been more delighted with my weight loss results since having a gastric sleeve operation performed by Mr Reddy. From the start to finish I have felt well informed and supported by Mr Reddy and his professional team.

The weight loss has been speedy and comfortable for me. I can honestly say the worst part for me was making the decision to have it done – finding the courage – as it is a relatively new operation and the concept of cutting away part of your stomach is certainly scary. However, I need not have worried at all because after one day of slight discomfort I have experienced no pain, no nausea, no vomiting and no discomfort of any kind. I cant quite believe it myself how easy the whole process has been!

My smaller stomach helps me to control eating smaller portions. To date I have lo st 4 stone in 3 months including my 2 week pre-op diet. My part of the bargain is that I follow a healthy diet which includes a little protein at every sitting. I stay away from sugar as much as I can but if I am going to have some chocolate for example then now I am satisfied with just a couple of pieces. My hair is glossy, my nails white and strong and my skin gleaming. According to my husband I no longer snore!

I wish I had known about this operation ten years ago and not wasted so much time feeling unhappy, overweight and trying out yet another new diet. To anyone who is thinking of having this done – forget all the fad diets and go for the gastric sleeve. It will help control your appetite so that you are able to make choices on what you put in your mouth. This operation is life-changing and the results are fast. It will help you break free so you can get on and live your life as a healthy slim person.


Gastric Sleeve

I weighed over 22 stone. I was type 2 diabetic and taking around 20 pills a day for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels. At 46 years old I was on a bad trajectory. I had tried every diet and medically supervised appetite suppressants but I could not stop the inexorable increase in my weight.

This morning I weighed 13 stone and 6 pounds. My type 2 diabetes has gone.  My cholesterol is excellent and my blood pressure is low. When I meet people they do not recognise me until I speak.  It is my voice that helps them connect my new face to my old one.

I had a gastric sleeve operation with Mr Marcus Reddy and if you are reading this then you are probably considering something similar. When I first met him at the start of this amazing process I expected the arrogance of any great surgeon but I met a calm, warm, friendly, intelligent, charming and caring doctor.  From day one he helped me set realistic expectations and helped me understand that the operation was not the answer to all my problems but one step in a long and hard journey to control my weight. And it is long and hard and I can honestly say that I can not imagine a better Partnership for that journey than Mr Reddy and his support team.


Gastric Sleeve

Having been a yo-yo dieter for many years and having tried every diet out there, I started to research gastric band/bypass surgery. After much research I went for a pre-assessment meeting with Mr Reddy and from that moment I haven’t looked back.

Starting at 25 stone and now, seven months on, having lost 7 stone, words cannot describe how I feel. My standard of life has changed completely. 

If anyone is reading this and is undecided on whether to go this way please believe me, it is the easiest weight loss programme I have ever entered into. Mr Reddy and his staff are truly professional and I cannot put into words what they have done for me in helping me rediscover the old me.


Gastric Bypass