Professor Marcus Reddy

Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon, Surrey, London and South East England

Professor Marcus Reddy


Experienced Private & NHS Surgeon

Professor Marcus Reddy is a highly experienced Consultant Surgeon based in London and the South West, whose surgical practice is dedicated to weight loss and benign upper gastro-intestinal conditions (GI).

He is renowned for bariatric surgery, having performed his first gastric band in 2002 and also offers laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and endoscopic balloon placement as part of a multidisciplinary team.

He has considerable experience of revision surgery and adjustments with particular experience in managing high risk patients.

Prof. Reddy is also experienced in the full range of anti-reflux options including fundoplication, hiatus hernia repar, LINX magnetic device and STRETTA radiofrquency treatment to the oesophagus.

As a professor, he has lectured nationally and internationally on weight loss surgery. 

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Services & Procedures

Professor Marcus Reddy is a highly experienced Consultant Surgeon who offers a range of GI (gastro intestinal) procedures. 


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Weight Loss

 Gastric band, bypass or sleeve can help patients to manage food intake and lose weight. 

Non-surgical methods including medication or gastric balloon are also available where a less invasive cost-effective solution is appropriate.

general surgery

General Surgery

Hernia repair, gallstone removal and reflux treatments are available. 

Benefit from short/no waiting lists in our network of private hospitals with comprehensive aftercare from our team of experts. 

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Revision Surgery

We frequently see patients who have had surgery with NHS or other providers, looking for adjustments or changes.

There’s no judgement, whatever your concerns or experience. We’re here to help.

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gastric sleeve story

‘Best decision ever’

Claire’s gastric sleeve review

“I cannot describe how good I feel especially when friends comment on how well I have done.  I would go through all that again in an instant to continue feeling this good.  I also used to say to people I cheated and had surgery but it is not cheating.  It is still hard work due to the effort and experience you go through but I can honestly say that I have no regrets at all!

“The best decision I made by far!”

‘Life changing experience’

Angela’s gastric bypass experience

“I lost 10 stone in 10 months and have control of my life again – thanks to Gastric Bypass surgery

“After going through such a wonderfully life changing experience I decided to give up my successful career and focus on helping other bariatric patients. I now emotionally support, coach and mentor 500+ individuals from all over the UK via an online community.”

Angela before and after

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