Gastric Band adjustment

The ability to adjust the gastric band is one of the key benefits of this weight loss system.

Gastric band adjustment enables our weight loss team to work with patients to take control of their weight loss progress.

  • Gastric Band Fill: The band can be given additional constriction by adding more saline solution.  This process is known as a gastric band fill.  A tighter band puts additional constriction on the stomach, thereby increasing its effect and further reducing the patient’s appetite and capacity for food.
  • Gastric Band Aspiration: Bands can also be loosened when required.  This may be to slow down the rate of weight loss, setting a “maintenance level” of constriction or else to accommodate additional nutrition (e.g. during pregnancy or illness).

We also provide a comprehensive band adjustment service or “rescue service” to patients who have had a gastric band inserted elsewhere in the last two years.