Gastric Band

Clinically Proven Weight Loss

gastric band lapband

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band has been clinically proven as a weight loss tool.

The gastric band restricts the amount that someone can eat in a number of ways

  • Reduces appetite
  • Reduces the stomach’s capacity

After surgery, patients feel full sooner and for longer

Weight loss with the gastric band offers a range of health benefits and is recommended for patients who are very overweight to try to achieve substantial and permanent weight loss.

How does gastric banding work?

The bariatric surgeon fits an inflatable band around the stomach to divide it into two parts. The smaller half of the stomach at the top takes less food to make you feel full.

Food then passes slowly through the opening left by the band into the lower half of the stomach. After that, the food continues on into your intestines as normal.

Once the band is in place, gastric band adjustment can be carried out by inflating (a “gastric band fill”) or deflating it (“gastric band aspiration”).

This is done by injecting it with sterile fluid through a small tube from a reservoir which is attached just under your skin.  The gastric band can be adjusted in this way to control the rate of weight loss until the right level of restriction is established. It usually takes at least two adjustments to complete. The first one is usually six weeks after surgery.

What does the gastric band operation involve?

The gastric band procedure is relatively straightforward – learn more here.

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