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Marcus Reddy
Mr Marcus Reddy
bariatric surgeon

Weight loss treatment London and Surrey.
Experienced NHS and private surgeon.

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Aftercare and support
Full aftercare
and support
to help you succeed

Having weight loss surgery is only the start of your journey.
Our comprehensive aftercare includes expert dietitary
support, counselling and specialist nurses.

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weight loss surgery
tackling obesity
bariatric surgery

Range of procedures to suit your needs, including
gastric band, bypass, sleevectomy, gastric balloon.

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gastric band hospitals
Leading hospitals
5* theatres
Private en-suite

Mr Reddy works with leading hospitals to ensure
high standards of surgery and post-surgical care.
All rooms are private with en-suite facilities.

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Gastric Bypass
"I lost 10 stone
in just 10 months"

Angela’s gastric bypass gave her a second chance in life.
She lost half her body weight in less than a year
and was fully supported through the whole process.

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Clinically proven weight loss

Losing weight can be difficult through diet and exercise alone…

Weight loss surgery can help you take back control of your weight for life!

Weight Loss Options

Expert advice
and aftercare

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Marcus Reddy, is supported by an excellent team.

Counsellors and dietitians are also on hand to help our patients succeed.

Meet the team

Solutions that really work

A fresh approach to losing weight with both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Read how other patients have succeeded after weight loss surgery.

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“I lost 10 stone in 10 months and have control of my life again – thanks to Gastric Bypass surgery”

After going through such a wonderfully life changing experience I decided to give up my successful career and focus on helping other bariatric patients. I now emotionally support, coach and mentor 500+ individuals from all over the UK via an online community. – Former weight loss surgery patient Angela

Get the care and attention you deserve with top London Bariatric Surgeon Mr Marcus Reddy

Mr Marcus Reddy knows that to succeed in healthy, sustainable weight loss demands hard work and dedication on behalf of the patient. Having a weight loss procedure helps by managing appetite and capacity for food. However, it becomes important to make the right food choices, manage portions and become more active.

Your procedure is just the beginning of your journey. After surgery, our team of dietitians and counsellors are here to help. They’ll give plenty of great advice. Some of them have even had weight loss procedures themselves, so understand completely how you feel and can give some great tips to get you going.

Weight Loss Consultation

For further information and advice, why not book a weight loss consultation. It’s the ideal opportunity to discuss your weight and learn about what options could be most appropriate for you. Weight loss surgery is a major decision and there’s no obligation to proceed, but this could be the first step to understanding your options fully and a move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Weight loss tips

Dont’ Cut the Carbs to Lose Weight

Carbohydrate is good for you as long as you take the right kind in the right quantity. Choose carbs rich in whole grains and fibre help fill up your stomach, reducing hunger pangs and temptation to snack later on.