About Us

Mr Marcus Reddy offers private weight loss surgery based in London and South East England.

We have an expanding network of clinics and hospitals for our patients’ convenience and welcom patients from across the UK and even overseas.

Want to lose weight?

We see many patients who have reached the end of the line with yo-yo dieting and failed exercise regimes. Most, if not all, have tried numerous weight loss techniques only to put the weight on again afterwards.

Excess weight is not healthy, so we offer solutions that work. We offer a fresher, holistic approach to losing weight through surgery, ensuring comprehensive aftercare and support to help our patients succeed in their goals for the long term.

We work with leading consultant bariatric surgeons offering a full range of weight loss procedures.

An obesity surgery procedure is only the beginning of your journey. Our weight loss surgeons are supported by expert nurses, dietitians and counsellors to help our patients succeed in their weight loss goals by learning healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle.

Weight loss surgery offers patients a real chance to change their lives and embrace a healthier life.

Our approach

We offer a fresher, holistic approach to losing weight through a tailor-made combination of surgical or non-surgical procedures together with dietary advice, menu planning and comprehensive ongoing support.

We don’t simply provide you with surgery and no after care. Our goal is to help you take back control of your weight, and keep it that way!

Being overweight can put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes and some cancers. It can also have an effect on your self-confidence and general well being.

We know losing weight can be difficult through diet and exercise alone, but we can help you. Bariatric surgery is a proven way of achieving significant, long-lasting weight loss which together with lifestyle and diet changes, can help protect you against these health problems and also help you get back that positive feeling and self confidence to your life.

Clinics and Hospitals

Mr Reddy works with a network of clinics and hospitals as follows:

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