Our Team

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Marcus Reddy, is supported by a hand-picked team of weight loss professionals, dedicated to helping our patients getting the results they want.

Whether that is achieving a healthy weight or a better body-shape, our expert team has been carefully selected based on their skill, expertise and experience.


Surgical procedures such as the gastric band, bypass or cosmetic surgery will require general anaesthetic. We also offer certain procedures which only require light sedation (such as the gastric balloon).

We work with anaesthetists who are experienced in weight loss and cosmetic surgery as well as high risk patients and patients with heart problems. Read more about our anaesthetist.


For patients embarking upon any weight loss programme or weight loss surgery, relearning how to eat is a vital part of the success. Weight loss surgery will not work without changes to the quantity and quality of food eaten. Of course, having the procedure makes a crucial difference, altering your appetite and capacity for food. Our dietitian will help you learn how to make the right food choices going forward so that you lose weight safely and effectively.


For patients embarking on a significant life change, such as weight loss surgery, counselling can be very helpful to the process, providing the tools and support required. Learn more about our team of counsellors.

Patient Liaison, Practice Manager

Our patient liaison and Practice Manager is highly experienced in the field of surgery and will be happy to answer any initial questions you may have and make your appointment to see our surgeon. If you choose to go forward with surgery, they will help to make the arrangements and coordinate everything with you.

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