Medico-Legal Practice

As an Upper GI and Bariatric Surgical Specialist Mr Reddy is often asked to provide his expert opinion on medico-legal issues.

Mr Reddy is legally as well as medically trained and provides specialist medico-legal opinions in Upper GI and particularly bariatric surgery cases. Over the last 2 years, he has been involved in over 50 medico-legal cases as well as provided expert opinions to Coroners Court.

Advantages of Mr Reddy’s Medico-Legal Practice

  1. Rapid turnaround of reports (average time between receipt of notes and report- 2 weeks)
  2. Legally-qualified medical specialist with extensive academic, clinical and legal experience
  3. Full secretarial support service
  4. Transparent fee structure
  5. Ability to undertake medical assessment of clients where appropriate

Services For Solicitors

Initial screening report

Based on a letter of instruction summarising the case, we can provide a free initial opinion within 48 hours of instruction.

Preliminary report

We are able to provide a preliminary report based on reviewing a summary of the case notes and pertinent documentation records (maximum 50 pages) within one month of instruction for a fee of £950 pounds.

Full report

We are able to provide a complete summary of the case together with a professional opinion within three months of instructions at an hourly rate of £350. Please enquire for full terms and conditions.

Client medical assessments

Where appropriate, we offer outpatient consultation in order to provided condition and prognosis reports In addition we can initiate  investigations and referrals onto other experts where required. Please enquire for full terms and conditions.

Court appearances

Mr Reddy can attend court as an expert witness- please enquire for full Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions for this information.

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