Reflux Procedure

Low res man refluxThe LINX® System is placed around the oesophagus just above the stomach using a laparoscopy procedure, which is minimally invasive surgery.

The procedure generally lasts under an hour and is carried out under general anaesthetic.

Most patients can return home after 1 night recovery in hospital and can resume a normal diet straightaway. Normal non-strenuous activities can usually be resumed within a couple of days. The surgeon will advise on any particular aftercare on an individual basis.

A significant advantage of the LINX® System is that unlike other surgical treatments for reflux, this procedure does not usually require any anatomic alteration of the stomach.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Linx procedure 1 Linx procedure 2 Linx procedure 3
The appropriate size LINX® System is determined using a precision measurement tool The LINX® System is positioned around the LES using suture tails. The ends of the LINX®System are aligned and joined for secure closure.


The Linx Reflux Ring Procedure Video

Contains scenes of surgery as well as a graphical explanation

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