The Benefits

Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

This surgery is a proven method of weight loss. When combined with a supervised diet, increased activity and behaviour modification, it can lead to long-term weight loss and the associated health benefits.

Weight loss is more than with non-surgical programmes alone and can be more than other gastric bypass surgery. Average excess weight loss is 60 to 70% (for example, if a patient is 10 stone over weight then we would expect him/her to lose on average 6 to 7 stone).

As a result of the combined effects of weight loss and surgery many obesity related diseases such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, sleep apnoea and many others have gone in to remission. It keeps the pyloric valve intact (a stomach muscle) which avoids some of the complications of other types of bypass surgery such as:

  • ‘dumping’ (when sweet foods cause you to sweat and feel faint)
  • strictures (a restriction or tightening)
  • blockages.


We believe the advantages of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery outweigh its disadvantages. This view is shared by many surgical teams in the UK, Europe and America.

Iit is important for patients to have a clear view of the commitments and risks associated with this surgery. However, these have to be balanced against the longer-term risks of remaining severely overweight. We advise that you discuss these issues carefully with your surgeon at the time of your consultation.

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