The Benefits

Are there any benefits from gastric bypass surgery?

This surgery is a proven method of weight loss. When combined with a supervised diet, increased activity and behaviour modification, it can lead to long-term weight loss and the associated health benefits.

Weight loss is more than with non-surgical programmes alone and can be more than other gastric bypass surgery. Average excess weight loss is 60 to 70% (for example, if a patient is 10 stone over weight then we would expect him/her to lose on average 6 to 7 stone).

As a result of the combined effects of weight loss and surgery many obesity related diseases such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, sleep apnoea and many others go in to remission.

We feel it is important for patients to have a clear view of the commitments and risks associated with this surgery. However, these have to be balanced against the longer-term risks of remaining severely overweight. We advise that you discuss these issues carefully with your surgeon at the time of your consultation.

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