Recovery at Home

Post-Operative Recovery after Weight Loss Surgery

After discharge from hospital, you will return home to continue  your recovery.

Everyone’s recovery is different, but most can expect to return to work after two to three weeks.

It is normal to feel tired for a couple of months, especially while your body recovers from the disruption of surgery and the sudden loss of appetite, so think about your plans e.g. try not to plan any major events such as holidays, weddings, new jobs or house moves.

Follow your post-op diet advice carefully, progressing to the next stage every two weeks unless your dietitian has advised you otherwise. Modifying your diet and portion size is vital to succeeding in your weight loss goals.

Take gentle exercise when you feel able to. This gets your body moving again and helps you to heal, but it is also important to develop a more active lifestyle to accelerate your weight loss and accustom you to a more healthy lifestyle. However, don’t be too ambitious in your exercise. Gentle walking and swimming are good (once your wounds have healed). Beware strenuous sports and activities.

Do not attempt any heavy lifting while you are recovering; such as children, shopping or luggage. You will need to arrange some assistance if lifting is part of your everyday life.

Do not drive for four to six weeks after your operation due to the risk of internal damage if you would have to do an emergency stop. It is also advisable to inform your car insurance that you have had an operation.

It is advisable to take a shower instead of a bath for the first two weeks and to pat your abdomen dry instead of rubbing it. Watch for signs of wound infection such as redness, pain, swelling or a discharge (oozing). If you notice any of these, please contact your GP or Practice Nurse.

We are Here to Help

For any queries or advice on your recovery, remember we are available to support you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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