Patient Information

This section is dedicated to patients making a decision to go ahead with weight loss surgery. Whether you have already made that decision, or are working through a few final queries, you should find plenty of information about what to expect on your weight loss journey.

Weight loss surgery is a major, life-changing decision. We explain what to expect in your pre-op diet phase and what preparations you need to make prior to surgery, what happens at hospital and how to prepare for your return home, thinking about your care needs.

When you have decided to go ahead with your weight loss procedure, it is important to prepare yourself fully and to understand what to expect every step of the way. This will make you more confident and relaxed.

What to Expect

Don’t worry, the whole process will be fully discussed at your consultation with your bariatric surgeon and our team will give you plenty of advice too, so that you can plan for your surgery.

  • Preparations – you will be given a special pre-operative diet to prepare your body for surgery.  This is necessary to shrink the liver
  • In Hospital – what to expect when you come into hospital
  • Recovery – after your procedure, healing and your post-operative diet

Our team of specialist nurses, counsellors and dietitians are available to assist and advise on any queries, so you are never alone.  We are here to ensure that our patients succeed in their weight loss goals.

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