Get the care and attention you deserve with top London Bariatric Surgeon Mr Marcus Reddy

Mr Marcus Reddy knows that to succeed in healthy, sustainable weight loss demands hard work and dedication on behalf of the patient. Having a weight loss procedure helps by managing appetite and capacity for food. However, it becomes important to make the right food choices, manage portions and become more active.

Your procedure is just the beginning of your journey. After surgery, our team of dietitians and counsellors are here to help. They’ll give plenty of great advice. Some of them have even had weight loss procedures themselves, so understand completely how you feel and can give some great tips to get you going.

Weight Loss Consultation

For further information and advice, why not book a weight loss consultation. It’s the ideal opportunity to discuss your weight and learn about what options could be most appropriate for you. Weight loss surgery is a major decision and there’s no obligation to proceed, but this could be the first step to understanding your options fully and a move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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