Philip Gastric Sleeve Success

Philip has lost 9 stone in 9 months after weight loss surgery.

He shares his Gastric Sleeve story:

Nine months ago I weighed over 22 stone.

I was type 2 diabetic and taking around 20 pills a day for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels. At 46 years old I was on a bad trajectory.

I had tried every diet and medically supervised appetite suppressants but I could not stop the inexorable increase in my weight.

This morning I weighed 13 stone and 6 pounds.

My type 2 diabetes has gone.  My cholesterol is excellent and my blood pressure is low.

When I meet people they do not recognise me until I speak.  It is my voice that helps them connect my new face to my old one.

I had a gastric sleeve operation with Mr Marcus Reddy and if you are reading this then you are probably considering something similar.

When I first met him at the start of this amazing process I expected the arrogance of any great surgeon but I met a calm, warm, friendly, intelligent, charming and caring doctor.  From day one he helped me set realistic expectations and helped me understand that the operation was not the answer to all my problems but one step in a long and hard journey to control my weight.

And it is long and hard and I can honestly say that I can not imagine a better Partnership for that journey than Mr Reddy and his support team.

Good luck on your own journey.

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