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jayne before gastric sleeve sidePatient testimonials are not just for those who have successfully completed their weight loss journey.

Jayne, one of Mr Marcus Reddy’s 2013 patients, has set up a personal online blog to share her experience of having a gastric sleeve (sleevectomy). This will be a step by step, day by day, account of her story; which will be followed by family, friends and those that are interested in having weight loss surgery or have already had it; as there is a large online community of people sharing their experiences and learning from each others’.

Jayne is recording regularly how she has to adjust and manage her diet, how she feels about surgery and most important, how she succeeds in losing weight.

jayne before gastric sleeve back  jayne before gastric sleeve front

Jayne explains:

Well this is it. It’s time to change!

I hope to be going from an overweight person to a slimmer, healthier, happier person by way of gastric sleeve surgery. It’s taken me a year of talking about it and researching it.

I started realising I was a big child at around about the age of 10. Then one day, while on holiday my lovely cousin mentioned that my parents had commented on my weight – I was about 13. All that did was confirm my suspicions!

And there the journey started – over eating for comfort and boring diets to try and get myself back to a better place (whatever that is!).

The past 36 years I have been either fat or on a diet. Boy my life has been quite a miserable battle. All of it hidden behind a smile or a laugh. No one has ever really understood my anguish as I had quite a good mask to put on in public.

I did do two very successful diets. When I was 20 I took Tennuate Dospan (now banned!) and I lost around 6 stone. Then when I was 38 I did Lighter Life and lost 5.5 stone. Both times I got to about 10.5 stone. Problem was, I couldn’t stay there.

I hope to lose about the same again with the sleeve, but this time there will be a tool in place to prevent me ever over eating again. If I do, I will be sick and I don’t like being sick, so I hope to learn that lesson very quickly!

So, that’s about it really. Subscribe to my blog if you want to keep updated with my journey.

Jayne x

Jayne’s surgery is scheduled for 24th August at 1.30pm at the New Victoria Hospital with consultant surgeon Mr Marcus Reddy.

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