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jayne before gastric sleeve frontWeight loss surgery is a major commitment and patients really value the support of those around them. 

That isn’t restricted to family, colleagues and friends – the online community can be very helpful too.

One of Mr Marcus Reddy’s patients is about to embark on weight loss surgery and has set up a blog to share her experience.

Jayne has opted for a gastric sleeve (sleevectomy) and her surgery is scheduled for 24th August at 1.30pm at the New Victoria Hospital with consultant surgeon Mr Marcus Reddy.

jayne before gastric sleeve side

She explains her reasons for surgery as follows:

Well this is it. It’s time to change!

I hope to be going from an overweight person to a slimmer, healthier, happier person by way of gastric sleeve surgery. It’s taken me a year of talking about it and researching it…

and also says:

I have started the beginning of my journey with a BMI of 41.7 – maybe when I’ve lost a bit I might tell you what that is in pounds and ounces!

jayne before gastric sleeve back

Her blog is already sharing details of her pre-operative diet. For Jayne, this is a low carb diet without fat or sugar in order to reduce her body fat to make surgery safer.

Click here to read Jayne’s patient testimonial or follow Jayne’s gastric sleeve blog.

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