Why Is Weight Loss Surgery so Popular?

Statistics released by the NHS Information Centre earlier this year showed there had been a 30-fold increase in bariatric surgery procedures carried out in the UK in a decade

  • from 261 in 2000-01
  • to 8,087 in 2010-11.

And with ongoing increases in the obesity levels in the UK, this trend shows no signs of abating.

Why Is Weight Loss Surgery so Popular?

There are a few key reasons why weight loss surgery has become so popular in the last decade

  1. Increase in obesity – the UK is seeing increasingly large numbers of people who are classified as overweight and obese. In addition, the extreme levels of obesity are continuing to rise.  A normal BMI is in the 20-25 range, over 30 is considered obese. Yet patients with BMI over 60, 70 and even 80 are becoming more commonplace. At these levels it is very hard to change without major intervention such as surgery
  2. Increase in awareness. The media has been reporting for a number of years now on weight loss surgery, essentially educating the population as to how it works. High profile celebrity successes such as Fern Britton have also helped to raise awareness
  3. Availability. Weight loss surgery is available in the UK, so patients no longer need to travel abroad for help. A limited amount of surgery is available on the NHS, but due to strict limits, many more patients are turning to private surgery providers in order to take control of their weight
  4. It works! Weight loss surgery has been clinically proven to help patients lose weight. It is drastic surgery and should not be undertaken lightly. However, weight loss surgery has an excellent success rate which makes it especially relevant for patients that have failed to lose weight via diet and exercise regimes

Mr Marcus Reddy, Weight Loss Surgeon

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Reddy, based in London and Surrey offers a range of obesity surgery procedures for overweight and obese patients. Weight loss surgery options include the gastric sleevegastric bypass and gastric band with excellent standards of aftercare and support to help patients succeed in losing the excess weight for good.

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