Am I Overweight or Obese?

The word “obese” has a definite stigma. We hear in the media crisis about the growing obesity statistics in the UK and the obesity health risks attached to it. 

Being “overweight” somehow doesn’t sound so bad.

So what’s the difference?

In the Collins dictionary:

  • “obese” is defined as an adjective meaning “excessively fat or fleshy; corpulent”
  • while “overweight” has a definition of “weighing more than is usual, allowed, or healthy”

In medical terms, there is a more specific and precise definition which is based upon a patient’s weight in relation to their height. This statistic is known as BMI or Body Mass Index, which shows what a normal weight would be taking into account a person’s height.

  • A BMI of 19-25 is considered normal
  • 25-30 is classed as “overweight”
  • 30 or over is classified as obese

In the UK, 26% of adults (over 1 in 4) are now classified as obese.

Obesity is a serious matter. It is more than a few extra pounds or stubborn love handles, it is a health-threatening condition which should be addressed as early as possible to avoid or reduce the risk of complications such as heart disease, diabetes and sleep apnoea.

Tackling Obesity

The simple old-fashioned rules to reduce body weight are simply to eat a bit less and do a bit more. Consuming fewer calories and burning more off is the combination which should ensure weight loss.

Diets, slimming clubs and exercise regimes can all be helpful.

However, for some people, the extent of their obesity makes this very difficult to manage and therefore surgery is increasingly popular as a last resort. Alternatively, professional weight loss treatment through non-surgical support programmes can be helpful.

Mr Marcus Reddy, Weight Loss Surgeon

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Reddy, based in London and Surrey offers a range of obesity surgery procedures for overweight and obese patients. Weight loss surgery options include the gastric sleevegastric bypass and gastric band with excellent standards of aftercare and support to help patients succeed in losing the excess weight for good.

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