Obesity Blamed for Younger Stroke Victims

New scientific research has been published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology; showing that the average age of stroke victims has gone down by 2 years.

The average age of a stroke victim fell from 71 in 1993 to 69 in 2005 and scientists said that more younger people were affected, with 19% of victims under the age of 55 in 2005 compared to 13% in 1993.

Study author Brett Kissela, of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in Ohio, blamed the increase in underlying illnesses such as diabetes and obesity as being key factors.He said:

“The reasons for this trend could be a rise in risk factors such as diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.”

“…the rising trend found in our study is of great concern for public health because strokes in younger people translate to greater lifetime disability.”

In the UK, about 150,000 people suffer a stroke every year – one person every five minutes.

Kissela said:

“The good news is that some of the possible contributing factors to these strokes can be modified with lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.”

Excess weight is linked to a range of obesity-related health risks, from strokes and cardiac disease to diabetes and hypertension.

The government is spending millions on encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles and lose weight, yet the incidence of obesity continues to rise.

Where diet and exercise fail, weight loss surgery is a last resort option, offering “clinically proven” weight loss to those that have struggled to change their unhealthy weight through traditional methods.

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