New Weight Loss Development – Gastric Balloon That you Swallow

A new type of gastric balloon is being developed which offers new hope for those who need help to lose weight but would prefer to do so without surgery.

The gastric balloon currently available is inserted through the mouth while the patient is sedated, then expanded in the stomach via the addition of sterile saline. A process that can cause some short term discomfort and side effects.

However, the new type of device being developed by Allurion Technologies in Massachussetts is designed to be swallowed in a capsule, like a pill, making the process much quicker, easier and less uncomfortable.

Once swallowed, the device swells up to 200 times its starting mass due to hydrogel technology. Once expanded, the device takes up volume in the stomach, so that the patient feels fuller and has a lower appetite, making weight loss easier; especially as patients are expected to follow an accompanying diet and exercise regime.

This is early days for the new technology, as it has yet to be tested on humans. Tests so far have been on animals. Human testing is expected to commence in 2013. The Company have also yet to resolve how the device will be removed from the stomach.

In the future, this could offer a cheaper, simpler option for tackling the world’s obesity problem.

However, until then, those that are obese or overweight must seek other ways to lose weight.

Gastric Balloon

For patients who have usually tried all the conventional options and need professional help to lose weight, weight loss surgery is a last resort, but does offer a clinically proven method of losing weight. Programmes like the gastric balloon are less invasive and can be very effective especially when used in conjunction with a supervised diet and exercise programme. The gastric balloon is available with London/Surrey surgeon Mr Marcus Reddy.

Mr Marcus Reddy, Weight Loss Surgeon

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Reddy, based in London and Surrey offers a range of obesity surgery procedures for overweight and obese patients. Weight loss surgery options include the gastric sleevegastric bypass and gastric band with excellent standards of aftercare and support to help patients succeed in losing the excess weight for good.

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