Gastric Band Fern Britton’s Strictly Appearances

Since “coming out of the closet” about her gastric band back in 2008 after her surgery 2 years earlier, Fern Britton seems to have become the celebrity poster girl for gastric band surgery, having shrunk from a size 22+ to a slim 10. 

With her weight loss has come a healthier and more active life. Fern has completed several charity bike rides for example.

Now she is slim and fit enough to take on a new challenge with Strictly Come Dancing and is hoping that the new regime will help her to tone up the loose skin.

“I do need to work on my tummy. Artem has promised me he will help do some plank exercises to improve the core of my tummy. You do have to remember to pull it in at the end of a routine and Artem is always shouting ‘plank’ at the end. I know those kind of exercises are tough though. I can only manage about 20 seconds.”

She will also be cautious in choosing her outfits

“I won’t be going too skimpy to start with. I have never had a small waist either – but what matters most to me is having some fun and enjoying myself.”

“Like everyone, I’ve got bingo wings and I will try to disguise them with my outfits on Strictly.”

Many people that lose weight with bariatric surgery are left with loose skin. The skin is stretched while the body is bigger and does not always ping back after losing several stone.

Exercise can help and Fern can be optimistic about the results of her new regime, but for some, surgery offers an alternative option.

“body contouring” is a brand of cosmetic surgery dedicated to improving body shape and is often a consideration for post-bariatric surgery patients. This encompasses a range of surgical procedures, including:

  • Face – Face lift, Neck lift (Platysmaplasty)
  • Breast – Breast implants, uplift or reduction; Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia),
  • Body – Tummy tuck , Abdominoplasty), Thigh lift, Arm lift (to tackle bingo wings), Belt lipectomy, Body lift

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