Tina Feels “Amazing”

One Year On… Gastric Sleeve Update

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Tina had gastric sleeve surgery in 2011. A year after her surgery, Tina kindly shared this update:

after gastric sleeve“I have just been on a lovely  long weekend to Crete with a friend to celebrate the one year anniversary of my operation.

Here are a few pictures.

It was absolutely great to be able to fulfill one of my objectives,  which was to go on holiday and feel confident in a swimsuit and in shorts….and bare armed!

I have now lost 8 stones and 2 pounds. 

I am SO  happy about this and it really is the best decision I ever made.

Granted, I have some loose skin….but I will be looking into dealing with that soon and after all, I am 55 years old and most women my age do not like to show their bare arms!

In Crete, we ate, drank and a  had a very merry time- a year ago, I worried that I would not eat and drink ‘’normally’’ again- how wrong I was!

So…just wanted to share that with you! Hope you don’t mind.

And to THANK YOU AGAIN for all your advice, support and help!

Best regards,


1 Year After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

before gastric sleeve   after gastric sleeve

“I have now lost  8 stones and 5 pounds.  Wonderful….it is the best thing I ever did and I feel fabulous. Healthier and more energetic than I did 30 years ago!! I still love it when people do not recognise me!”

Tina’s First Update… 6 1/2 Stone after 5 Months

March 13th, 2012

“I still pinch myself when I think how great this operation has been and I want to tell the world about it!

“I had the gastric sleeve and already, after just 5 months, I have lost six and a half stone.

“I can eat what everyone else eats, just very small portions of course and still socialise, have business dinners and lunches etc and just do everything normally.

“So again, a big thank you.

“If you want to recommend that anyone considering the procedure, or anyone who has just had it and needs support, I am only too happy to assist.

“It has changed my life and I am so, so pleased I did it!”

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