UK Gastric Bypass Ops Up 5-Fold

gastric bypassNew NHS statistics show a dramatic increase in the number of gastric bypass operations carried out by the NHS.

The bariatric procedure has gone up an incredible 530% in just 5 years

  • 858 gastric bypass procedures in 2006/07
  • 5,407 gastric bypass procedures in 2011/12

Well-publicised research into the rising tide of obesity in the UK would suggest numbers have risen because there are simply more and more obese patients, of whom a rising number are seeking help to bring their weight under control; often due to weight-related health conditions.

How a Gastric Bypass Works

A gastric bypass involves making the stomach much smaller and also shortening the length of the small intestine. This has a double benefit to the patient. Firstly, the smaller stomach makes it impossible to eat large portions at any one time and also reduces the patient’s appetite, making them feel fuller sooner and for longer. In addition, the re-routing of the small intestine reduces the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Gastric bypass operations have been shown to be the most effective form of bariatric surgery. They are suited to the most obese people with BMI (body mass indicator) to ensure long-term weight loss and can result in loss of around two thirds of the patient’s excess body weight.

More NHS Bariatric Surgery Needed

However, those working in the private sector point out that the increase in NHS provision is still woefully inadequate to meet the need in the UK.

It has been estimated that around 1.5m adults in the UK have the high body mass index which would indicate a gastric bypass. Carrying such excess weight, these patients face disease, disability and even premature death as a result of their condition. The NHS caters for less than a percent of these.

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