Wendy’s Story

No more diabetic tablets

“I just wanted to write and thank you for changing my life. You performed bariatric surgery on me and since then I have felt like a new person.

“I am 64 and I was beginning to think my useful life was over.  I couldn’t walk very far and used a stick due to arthritis in my knee.  I was diabetic and took statins, painkillers for the arthritis and anti inflammatory tablets.  I was starting to feel like I rattled.

“I have now lost just over 3 stone, don’t take any more painkillers, statins or diabetic tablets and feel so well I could conquer the world.  The arthritis is a lot better and I am just starting on an exercise programme recommended by my GP.

“I really can’t thank you and your team enough as I can now look forward to a hopefully long and enjoyable retirement.”

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